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Well since my last blog the whole country has been turned upside down. Fortunately I am still able to work and I'm still getting bookings. The down side is that the larger jobs have been put on hold; hopefully they'll still be there when we come out the other side and I can only do 'one man jobs' due to the social distancing rules.

Despite an initial 'what am i going to to do moment', which lasted about a day, I got on the phone, called my clients and spoke to them directly to find out if they were happy for me to continue, and most were. Also now that we've edged into Spring, I called the commercial clients and spoke about starting the regular summer maintenance. I also updated the website with relevant information regarding how I would be operating for the foreseeable future.

Work hasn't been flat out, but it's been steady and I've managed to get some new clients along the way. Is it where I saw the business developing when I started back in January? Simple answer; no. But the current situation is going to force a lot of business to review their business model and perhaps 'reset' and 're-baseline' their plans. But for now the fact that I am able to and have work to do is a blessing.

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