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Project Greenhouse

Gardening Burnley
The Project Greenhouse

The old greenhouse is in dire need of some smartening up. The plan here is not to do a full restoration but to just make it look better for the least amount of money, since a full restoration would be a very expensive job. So the plan was to:

Remove all the loose putty

Remove the flakey paint and sand; the plan was not to get a smooth finish but just remove the vast majority of the loose paint.

Replace the putty where needed.

Paint, outside Anthracite Grey, inside White.

Replace the guttering and down pip.

Seal the base with silicone to match.

Paint the adjoining dpwnpie to match.

Gardeners Burnley
Work in Progress

Just replacing the old putty and sanding the greenhouse made a huge difference. There are other windows and doors in close vicinity that need the same treatment ignorer that it hangs together as a coherent whole.

Gardening Burnley, Nelson, Colne
Getting There

There is still more work to be done and I'll keep you all updated as the work progresses.

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