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New Turf Please

Garden Renovation

This is one of our latest projects. The property is a rental in Colne and we've been asked by the letting agent to sort the garden out. The gardens either side and down the street are well cared for and this one is a bit (lot) of an eye sore. So the plan is to:

  • Repair and clean the patio.

  • Remove the flags that have been laid amongst the weeds.

  • Remove rubbish and weeds.

  • Add a gravel board at the bottom of the garden to retain the soil.

  • Apply turfing top soil and turf.

  • Fit a new side gate.

Bespoke Garden Gate

The custom gate has already been made and fitted. The patio has been repaired and cleaned along with the flags and the rubbish off the garden.

Flags Removed

Next is the top soil and the turf. Watch this space for the finished article....

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