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First Cut is the Deepest

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Gardener Burnley Nelson Colne
Garden Maintenance - Burnley

Despite the weather being cold over the winter months the grass still finds enough warmth and sun to grow just a little. So, making the most of the mild and dry conditions on Monday it was out with the trusty John Deere mulching mower for a quick pass. With the grass still being slightly damp, I set the front of the mower reasonably low and the back of the mower high. This doesn't make the most of the mulching capabilities of the mower but it does prevent the John Deere from clogging up with grass cuttings.

Also with a lawn that is heavy with moss, the muncher breaks down the leaves and saves the endless back breaking task of collecting them. By the second or third mow they will have all but disappeared, but you can just see how many leaves the 'long' grass is hiding.

The plan for this garden is just to get on top of it form now, pruning and tidying to get it to the point when spring finally arrives we can see what we've got. There's plenty more to do here as it's a large property, so they'll be plenty more updates.

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